01 - Genesis

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  1. Chapter 1:1 - Introduction. Why Study Genesis? Genesis vs. Revelation. The Nature of Reality and the Nature of God.
  2. Chapter 1:2-5 - Day One. The Holy Spirit Moves… The “Gap” Theory. Origin of Satan. The Mysterious Nature of Light.
  3. Chapter 1:6-8 - The Second Day. Stretching the Heavens. “Big Bang” Models? The Fabric of Space. Hyperdimensions. Quantum Physics
  4. Chapter 1:9-13 - The Third Day. The Origin of Life. Thermodynamics and Entropy. Molecular Chemistry. The Anthropic Principle.
  5. Chapter 1:14-19 - The Fourth Day. The Stars and Planets. The Nebular Hypothesis. Extraterrestrial Life? Signs in the Heavens.
  6. Chapter 1:20-23 - The Fifth Day. Fish and Fowl. The Fallacy of Evolution. Evidences of Design. Biodiversity.
  7. Chapter 1:24-31 - The Sixth Day. Land Animals and Man. Fallacies and Frauds. Evidences of Design. Architecture of Man.
  8. Chapter 2 - The Seventh Day. The Sabbath. Why No “erev” and “boker”? “A Repose” on the Universe? The Role of Marriage.
  9. Chapter 3 - The Seed Plot of the Bible. The Fall of Man. Marriage. Adam as a Type of Christ. Effects of the Fall.
  10. Chapters 4-5 - The story of Cain and Abel: the “Second” Murder. A Hidden Message in the Genealogy of Noah.
  11. Chapter 6 - The Days of Noah. The “Nephilim.” Lines of Seth vs. Angel View of Genesis 6.
  12. Chapters 7-8 - The Flood of Noah. Noah’s Ark and Attempts to Locate it. Canopy Theory vs. Hydroplate Theory of the Flood.
  13. Chapters 9-10 - The Post-Flood World. The Table of Nations. Nimrod and Babylon.
  14. Chapter 11 - The Tower of Bab-El. The Land of Nimrod. The Doom of Babylon vs. The Fall of Babylon.
  15. Chapters 12-15 - The Call of Abraham. The Separation of Lot. The Battle of the Nine Kings. The Abrahamic Covenant.
  16. Chapters 16-20 - Hagar the Egyptian. Names Changed. Oaks of Mamre. Sodom and Gomorrah. The Lapse at Gerar.
  17. Chapters 21-22, 24 - The Birth of Isaac. The Offering of Isaac. The Bride for Isaac.
  18. Chapters 23, 25-27 - The Death of Sarah. The Birth of Esau and Jacob. The Covenant Confirmed. The Stolen Blessing.
  19. Chapters 28-31 - Jacob at Bethel. Leah and Rachel. Sons of Jacob. Jacob’s Flight.
  20. Chapters 32-36 - Jacob’s Wrestling. Jacob Reconciles with Esau. Dinah Avenged. Jacob Returns to Bethel. The Generations of Esau.
  21. Chapters 37-39 - The most remarkable drama in the Bible—the incredible career of Joseph.
  22. Chapters 40-45 - Joseph Forgotten. Pharaoh’s Dreams. Brothers’ First Visit to Egypt. Brothers’ Second Visit to Egypt.
  23. Chapters 46-48, 50 - Jacob Journeys to Egypt. Jacob’s Family Honored. Ephraim and Manasseh Blessed. The Death of Jacob.
  24. Chapter 49 - The Prophetic Future of the Twelve Tribes.

Recent breakthroughs in the fields of physics, technology and biology led Chuck Missler to update and re-record this wonderful study in Genesis. With over 24 hours of teaching, this verse-by-verse study of the book of Genesis has been one of our most sought-after and best-selling series in the history of Koinonia House.


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