06 - Joshua and The Twelve Tribes (Audio)

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  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapters 2-4
  3. Chapters 5-6
  4. Chapters 7-8
  5. Chapters 9-10
  6. Long Day of Joshua
  7. Chapters 11-12
  8. Chapters 13-24
  9. Tribes
  10. Tribes
  11. Tribes
  12. Tribes
  13. Tribes
  14. Tribes
  15. Tribes
  16. Tribes

Under close examination, the Book of Joshua seems to be a precursor to the book of Revelation: another Yehoshua, as Commander-in-Chief, will dispossess the Planet Earth of its usurpers -- first sending in two witnesses, then with a series of judgments of sevens, finally defeating the kings with signs in the sun and moon while the kings of the earth all hide in caves. What does the name "Joshua" mean?

This study contains approx. 16 hours of verse by verse teachings.

Note: This Commentary is Audio Only


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