Cosmic Codes (Audio)

Session Info.:

  1. Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity
  2. Are There Hidden Codes in the Biblical Text?
  3. Evidences of Design
  4. The Hebrew Language
  5. Macrocodes - Past Tense
  6. Macrocodes - Future Tense
  7. Metacodes - Digital Universe
  8. Metacodes - The Code of Life (DNA)
  • Are we in possession of messages of extraterrestrial origin?
  • If so, what do they mean?
  • What do these messages from the edge of eternity portend for the future?
  • What has the science of cryptology revealed about these ancient texts? Is our universe itself a "digital message"?
  • Do these messages explain the interval between the miracle of our origin and the mystery of our destiny?

Hear the implications of our finite universe and the shocking discoveries of quantum physics at the very boundaries of reality and learn their significance to our origin and personal destinies!

You will grow in excitement as Chuck Missler details astonishing hidden messages within the text of the Torah that could only have been placed there by the Great Author Himself. He explores the impact of information sciences on our understanding of ancient texts... including microcodes, macrocodes, and metacodes... as well as the highly controversial "equidistant letter sequences" discovered in the Bible. You will be able to use this exciting information to discover the hidden messages yourself because many of them do not require a computer to decipher.


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