Architecture of Man

Session Info.:

  1. System Architecture
  2. Temple Architecture

What is the pattern of our internal system design? If God really indwells us, why do we behave the way we do?

What does the Bible really mean by "Heart"? "Soul"? "Spirit"? "Mind"?

Chuck provides insights on the design of computer systems garnered from his over 30 years in the computer industry. He helps us to understand our own "system design" as the Ultimate System Architect has provided it to us.

Seven times the New Testament points us to Solomon's Temple as the key to understanding ourselves.

This study was excerpted from the famous Way of Agape series by Nancy Missler, the result of 15 years of research. Her study series, along with detailed notes and diagrams, explores the Temple architecture and focuses specifically on the practical implications for one's personal walk. Included are many personal examples and complete Biblical references.


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