58 - Hebrews

Session Info.:

  1. Introduction and Chapter 1:1 - 3: Authorship.
  2. Chapter 1:4 - 14: Greater Than the Angels.
  3. Chapter 2: The Role of Christ in Salvation. Warning #1: The Danger of Drifting.
  4. Chapter 3: Greater Than Moses. The Disobedient Generation—Warning #2: The Danger of Disobedience.
  5. Chapter 4 (and the rest of Chapter 3): The Promise of Rest. Christ, The Way to God.
  6. Chapter 5: Warning Against Apostasy. Priesthood of Melchisedec. Warning #3: Failing to Mature.
  7. Chapter 6: Eternal Salvation Question. Call to Maturity. God’s Oath Unchanging.
  8. Chapter 7: Jesus fulfills the Levitical Priesthood.
  9. Chapter 8: Jesus as the Perfect Priest. The New Covenant.
  10. Chapter 9: The Tabernacle. The Structure. Christ, the ultimate High Priest.
  11. Chapter 10: The Significance of the Details. The Camp. “Let us.” Warning #4: The Danger of Willful Sin.
  12. Chapter 11: By Faith Abel, Enoch, Noah, Isaac, Joseph.... Law versus Grace.
  13. Chapter 12: Warning #5: The Danger of Indifference.
  14. Addendum: The Messianic (Millennial) Kingdom: The Paradigm of Salvation.
  15. Chapter 13: Exhortations. Christian Hospitality. Parting Words.
  16. Luke 21; A review of Luke 21, often confused with the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24 & Mark 13) and the Fall of Jerusalem in a.d.

This letter is one of the two greatest theological treatises of the New Testament. It is the ''Leviticus'' of the New Testament, detailing how the Lord Jesus Christ is both the fulfillment and the successor to all that had gone on before.

This study will contrast conditional promises of the past with unconditional promises of the New Covenant: exchanging the shadows for substance. The Calvinist and Armenian viewpoints will be explored. This third of the trilogy on Habakkuk 2:4, ''The Just shall live by faith,'' address profound aspects of ''faith'' which challenge even the most diligent student.

This study contains approx. 16 hours of verse by verse teachings.


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